Running spark app with sbt, but no scala class could be added, what's wrong?

Edition 2016.1.4

I have already installed scala and sbt plugin.

After default auto-bulid sbt finished, there was only java class I could add. No scala class was found.

I could add system scala dependencies manually.But whenever I refresh the sbt,  the added dependencies disappear.

build.sbt config above:

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Hello! If you mean that it's not possible to create Scala files directly in the `scala1-build` project, which is used to expose the sbt build configuration in IDEA: This is a known issue and will be addressed in the next release:

Note that you can still create .scala files there via the New > File menu option.

If you would like to create regular source code for your project rather than the project definition, you should do that in the src/main/scala directory.


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