Using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to run Node in WebStorm

I have figured out how get the new "Bash.exe" shell to work inside of WebStorm.
Now, I would like to use the version of node I have installed on the WSL. It's currently installed at:


I tried telling WebStorm that was the location of my Node interpreter, but it says, "Unknown Node.js version"

With npm installed at:


When I tried to run do an npm install from the UI, it uses "runnerw.exe" as the shell, so I would have to change that at a minimum.

I know the whole WSL is still new, but is this a feature that JetBrains is planning on supporting? It would make me seriously consider using Windows for development again...


WSL is not currently supported, please follow for updates. see - you can create bash script that runs the corresponding WSL command and use this script as a Node interpreter...



 Its now fixed on ``2018.2`` :)


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