How to disable parameter 'xy' is never used in right gutter?



how can I disable mark on right gutter that says "Parameter 'xy' is never used" for Java? Tried to disable inspection Java, Declaration redundancy, Unused method parameters but it doesn't work. Is this a bug? IntelliJ Community Edition 2016.2.2.


Kind regards, Jan


Thanks Serge, I want to disable the inspection, not to suppress it on some code. And I finally found it, its in Java, Unused declaration, tab On the fly editor settings, Check parameters.

Regards, Jan


You can disable inspection from the same editor popup so that you do not have to search for it in the settings.


Hi folks,

I'm no longer seeing the option to disable the inspection from the editor popup. This is in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2018.1.5.


I was also having a hard time searching for it in the inspections list. I was searching for "never", since that was a distinctive word in the tooltip for the inspection, but it didn't show up. Maybe the tooltip text for inspections could be included in the text that is searched through when searching Inspections in the settings?

@Jan: Thanks for noting where you found this in the editor settings; I was able to find it and turn it off.




Thank you!


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