Default "Compile TypeScript" to No (and EditorConfig override to true)

Despite disabling the TypeScript compiler, and enabling EditorConfig support in my default settings, every time I open a new project in Webstorm that has Typescript and an .editorconfig, I get the following prompt:

Compile TypeScript to JavaScript? OK No Configure
EditorConfig is overriding Code Style settings for this file OK Disable EditorConfig support

I always have to click "No" to TypeScript, and "OK" to EditorConfig. As an iterative developer, I would like to eliminate this repetitive step. Is there anyway for me to tell WebStorm to not ask me and just use my default settings?


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No, it's not possible. For Editorconfig notification disabling, please vote for; and, please, feel free to file a feature request for a possibility to disable TypeScript compiler notification for all projects


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