How to disable version control support in PyCharm altogether?


SourceTree fulfills all my needs for local version control management and everything PyCharm has to offer regarding VCS is thus duplicate to that. Is there a way to fully disable the version control feature in PyCharm globally?

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For the most part, VCS only makes itself visible when you are in a project with registered VCS roots. You don't have these, so you should rarely see anything, other than a VCS menu.

You could, though, speed up launch time a tiny bit by disabling the Git, Subversion, etc. plugins.

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I think it must've prompted me for enabling VCS for my project and I had and it kept asking all these questions. Well, I disabled the VCS for that project from Preferences > Version Control, by clicking the little minus icon on the UI. Then, it showed me the prompt again on every startup, but by clicking the downwards arrow on the notification and clicking Ignore, it didn't show up on next startup, which satisfies me, I suppose.


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