Remote Paired Programming with Intellij


I am currently looking at employment with a company that does Paired Programming.  I am wondering if there are tools or plugins with IntelliJ (other than screen sharing) that would make Remote (or distributed) Paired Programming possible?


I reviewed the link.  The issue was started in 2005 and nothing has been done about it.  How does one find out the status for it and if no one is working on it currently... how does one start work on a plugin to do this?


As far as I know, no one is working on it at the moment. You can review IDE API and start your own plug-in:


Serge.  Thanks for your help.   I am going to post in IDEABKL-708 that the Soros project seems to be adding IntelliJ support.  The in the project state that IntelliJ support is "coming real soon."  But we all know what that means. :)

Again, thank you for point me in the right direction.


Any traction on this? Any 3rd party plugins? Floobits appears to want to load the entire code base to their server, something my client probably won't approve of. All the critical information needs to stay local, etiher P2P or at least hosted on an internal server.




@Irina considering VS Code and Atom just announced this today perhaps this will be incorporated soon


IntelliJ is such a powerful tool yet it lacks such necessary for modern development feature.


Having something similar to 'Teletype for Atom' in IntelliJ would be a killer feature!


YES - we work decentralized and it would be a very nice thing for code-reviews und developer-to-developer support. But we need this in phpStorm not IntelliJ at the moment !!


I spend all day in VNC using a clunky idea, scared of touching the scroll. I don't use VS but live share looks good. I'm pretty sure that this is the future. No plans to develop something jet brains?


This is a deal breaker for my company. We pair juniors with senior devs and we don't want to loose a whole bunch of productivity having to deal with pushing and pulling every change we make.

VS Code is about one or two updates away from entirely killing any reason to use your software.

If you guys can't ship this within the next month you're basically dead in the water.


Truly a much needed feature which would help a lot!


Yes, it would be one of the best feature to add. Even better, make it interoperable with Live Share.


Add support for vs live share


A IntelliJ plugin to support Visual Studio Live Share would be awesome!


Yes a plugin for VS Live Share, please make this happen!


Add support for vs live share



Add support for vs live share


This is seriously missing; +1 for this feature!


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