Single Instance Only always on by default?




Is there a way to set "Single instance only" to be on by default in the Run/Debug Configurations? I did look at the Defaults section but this option is not present.

Is this not possible? 




Hi Hans, that was spam. I deleted one and marked the other as spam, hopefully to prevent a return. To answer your question, unfortunately you're right, we don't have a setting for that. If you'd like, though, you can open a feature request in our issue tracker:


Please vote for existing to increase its priority and be notified about updates.


this is one of those features that is not just needed - it's more that when you think about it - it's very difficult (certainly beyond me) - to come up with any situation that it would be ok to _not_ have single instance only.  Apart from the fact that you are usually using a particular port, so it usually doesn't work anyway - do you really think anyone simultaneously debugging several different running instances of the same app knows what they are doing?

I'd vote not just for making single instance the default - but just making it not an option at all - because in the bizarre case that you actually did want that feature (maybe you are writing a pubsub and want to test both send and receive sides or something?) - you'd probably want different parameters, which means different run/debug configurations anyway.

On a side note - why are run/debug not in the same "space" - ie if I say single instance only - how is it somehow ok to run it and debug it at the same time?!?


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