How to test plugin with dependencies


Hi all. I am developing plugin, that has org.intellij.groovy as dependency. When i run simlpe LightPlatformCodeInsightFixtureTestCase IT test, i get error, that contains following message:

java.lang.AssertionError: Problems found loading plugins:<p/>Plugin "null" was not loaded: required plugin "JetGroovy" not installed.<p/><br><a href="disable">Disable null</a><p/><a href="enable">Enable JetGroovy</a><p/><a href="edit">Open plugin manager</a>

Tests use same SDK, that uses plugin debug runner (in that mode plugin working properly). As well as, these tests was succesfull before i added groovy as dependency.

What kind of special setUp i have to do in LightPlatformCodeInsightFixtureTestCase to lead this test to working state?



Did you add JARs from Groovy plugin to your IntelliJ Platform SDK?


Yeah, there was 3 jars: Groovy.jar, groovy-all.jar and groovy_rt.jar

Actually i need dependency only on GroovyFileType to enable syntax highlight for this language. Maybe getting this plugin as dependency is overkill and there is a simpler solution, that does not have this dependency problem?


Please post the full run console output both of debug and normal run config.



Where did you get plugin ID "JetGroovy" from? It is obsolete for long time.

You should have


in your plugin.xml and "JetGroovy" should be highlighted red. Please make sure DevKit and its inspections are enabled.


Please double-check the JARs for Groovy plugin are taken from the same IDE version you're developing against.


I did not specify JetGroovy anywhere in my code. Jars, that i added to SDK was from there: 

All my depends:


Alright, that explains it. Please see last sentence in my previous reply.


Works like a charm! Thank you, Yann.


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