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Во вкладке "Database" есть контекстный поиск. Вводишь текст, подсвечивается первая попавшаяся таблица с таким же текстом.

Но перейти на следующую найденную таблицу возможности нет.

Было бы удобно, если бы был бы какой-то "find next".


In "Database" tool window there is a context search. Enter the text - first table with matching text is highlighted.

But there is no option to go to the next found table.

It would be useful if there could be some "find next" functionality.

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Our forums is international so please use English for all communications - it may confuse other people.

After you enter the text and see the highlighted results, you should be able to navigate between them with Up and Down arrow keys.

Does it work for you in that way?

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Yes! Great! Thanx.

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how to search text in all tables of database?


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