Force phpstorm 2016 to recognize Drupal 8

I want to have visibility (console) into Drupal core so I'm following

Open the folder with the required Drupal project by choosing File | Open Directory.
As soon as PhpStorm detects the Drupal-specific structure in the project, the following message is displayed in a pop-up window:
Click the Enable link.

What do you do when PHPstorm does not recognize this is Drupal? I've searched for settings for this project because I'm sure the word drupal is in there. But I'm unable to find out how to force it to set it to recognizing Drupal. I really want this to work.

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You need to enable the integration in File | Settings (or PhpStorm | Preferences for Mac) | Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Drupal.

Make sure that Drupal Support plugin is installed and enabled.


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