Any way to modify error stack dumps to remove http://localhost:63342 and make results clickable in the Console window?

The first part is easy, the second one might not be. Basically, I want to click on a line in a stack dump in console and jump to the offending JS line in text editor.

Also, `console.log()` prints current line in the right column; can I modify this line? Since we have a proprietary wrapper around `console.log()`, it would be better for us to print info regarding whoever is calling our wrapper.

Not sure I am posting this in the right topic. This can be a plugin if it has to be; or, if possible, simply a function to put inside a catch block.


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Debugger tries to map 'remote' URLs to local paths in stack traces, but it doesn't always work - see Unfortunately there is nothing you can do from your side to fix it. Same - for the way line numbers are displayed in console


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