Fira code font on windows 10


Did anyone else try the fira code font on a windows 10 machine and think it's horribly rendered? With subpixel anti aliasing it's almost unreadable. Greyscale anti aliasing is better but it doesn't seem to be anywhere as nicely rendered as Consolas. I was looking forward to the ligatures but unless my experience is an anomaly I'm not sure it's worth using.

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Ticket for this issue is

IDEA-159901 only happens when there are problems with font installation.

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Thanks for that link - it pointed me in an interesting direction wrt the custom jdk that IDEA is bundled with. I noticed that I was running using a 64 bit jdk, switching to the bundled 32 bit jdk via idea.exe vs idea64.exe makes a nice difference in the greyscale rendering. The subpixel rendering is still fugly but at least the greyscale is decent.




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