Remote Interpreter setup via SSH completely broken in 2016.2?


I've been unable to setup new remote interpreters since upgrading to 2016.2. Very curious to know if anyone else here uses remote debugging and if so if they are able to get things working with any build of 2016.2.

This all works fine for me in 2016.1 and earlier releases.

For reference, I logged an issue here:


I found that I had to map the project directory to a remote directory and sync over sftp to get the remote interpreter/debugging working. The Stackoverflow answer that helped me to do this is here:


Hi John thanks for the tip but what I was running into was indeed a problem in the 2016.2 release. Additional details are in the bug report that I linked to in my original report. Long story short, some change in jsch-0.1.53.jar was causing the error for me. 


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