New to PhpStorm and Web Development looking for mentor (Mac OS, Mamp Pro, WordPress)


Not sure if this is the appropriate place to reach out for this kind of one on one help but I am new to PhpStorm and I am looking for a mentor(someone with a high level of understanding/experience with the IDE and of web development) that can help me with general web development knowledge, setting up projects, workflow, WordPress theme development, Git integration... I am willing to compensate for you time and effort if necessary. I am using a mac, so it would help if you have experience with that os. I think it would be good if we could Skype (I'm in the Central Florida, US area). My Skype username is ryan.tunstall3

Looking forward to working/learning really soon.


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Can't help you out with a personal mentoring but here are some useful videos you might check on this:


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