Open file dialog is stuck on loading forever... ??? pls help


When I try to open a project, it keeps loading forever the file listing without giving a chance to do anything.

I tried to reinstall but couldn't solve the problem, please help!


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Please report at with the thread dumps attached (, both manual and automatic, use jstack for manual).

One of the possible reasons is running under the old Java version. Make sure IDE is configured to use the bundled JetBrains Runtime:

Starting it with idea.bat seems to have fixed the problem, now it works whatever start method I use and cannot reproduce anymore... Also when I started it with idea.bat, the output.txt was empty... no logs.


this problem is still happening, i cannot get to load a project not even reinstalling...


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Double check the virtual disk service, sometimes it's unresponsive and cause the hang...


I have the same problem. any solutions for it?


Solved it by uninstalling phpStorm including all setting and configurations (it didn't work when uninstalling + saving settings and configurations) and then reinstalling the software.


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