Enumerate annotations on PsiElement

I can't figure out how to enumerate the kinds of annotations applied to a PsiElement in a Java file. Specifically I'd like to inspect for non-syntax errors like `Cannot resolve symbol`, messages relating to incorrect method parameters, etc.

I've had success detecting syntax errors (missing parenthesis, double quote, semicolon, etc.) by detecting an instanceof com.intellij.psi.PsiErrorElement, but the other Java language-specific error annotations have eluded my grasp thusfar!

Please help point me in the right direction. Thanks so much!


these "annotations" are called RangeHighlighters , are applied highly asynchronously and can be retrieved by e.g.


MarkupModel model = DocumentMarkupModel.forDocument(document, project, false);
RangeHighlighter[] highlighters = model.getAllHighlighters();
when the highlighting completed.

This is great information! I found out a few things: It turns out that there's a catch... The

RangeHighlighter[] highlighters = model.getAllHighlighters();

inspection can only happen in the event dispatch thread. I can fire off a runner which will grab all the RangeHighlighters. But the RangeHighlighters only have TextRanges to indicate which PsiElement they are attached to. Matching TextRanges isn't too hard, but I need access to those RangeHighlighters as they relate to the PsiElements in my implementation of com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.LineMarkerProvider#getLineMarkerInfo ... The only sensible thing I could think of would be to maintain a list in-memory of all RangeHighlighters in all open documents, and keep it updated on its own schedule. I would have look to that list (which could get massive) in getLineMarkerInfo. That seems like a really bad idea.

Is there another way to take a PsiElement and query the MarkupModel in the current thread for its markup state at that very moment?


Unfortunately no. MarkupModel is inherently UI-specific and should be accessed from EDT only.



Can you suggest a different design pattern than the one I'm suggesting for tracking the RangeHighlighters for all open documents?

Where are the RangeHighlighters applied? Could I create a listener and hook it in to be notified when the RangeHighlighters are added or removed? That would be so much more efficient.


- That depends on what exactly do you want to achieve.

- RangeHighlighters created in EDT some time after the highlighting is completed.

- Yes, but that, being an advanced magic, requires some classes from Restricted Section of Hogwarts library.


MarkupModelEx modelEx = (MarkupModelEx)DocumentMarkupModel.forDocument(getDocument(getFile()), getProject(), true);
modelEx.addMarkupModelListener(disposable, listener);

where disposable is when your listener should be removed.


You're the wizard! Thanks so much. I'm pretty sure this is perfect.

I'm going to roll up my sleeves and get to work.


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