Developing plugins for phpstorm in intellij



So i've managed to follow all the steps here and make a fully functioning plugin for intellij:

Now I'm trying to do the same thing for phpstorm. I've followed the steps below and setup the environment (I'm following option 1):

My main issue is that everytime I press the debug button another instance of intellij shows up. Since I'm developing for phpstorm now, what I need is an instance of phpstorm to show up. Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance

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My first thought is that your plugin project is still being built against the IntelliJ SDK.  To target the PhpStorm product, you should create a PhpStorm SDK and then set that as the JRE for the run and debug targets.

That said, any plugin built against an IDEA SDK *should* run normally within PhpStorm (or any of the target-specific IDEs) without any changes, unless there is specific functionality that you are attempting to access that is not delivered in PhpStorm.

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Brilliant, thank you!


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