Prevent search and introspection of compiled JS/CSS

As well as normal js/less/css files I have a few 'compiled' js/css which are meant for production rather than development.

All the files are part of the github project

As these compiled files just contain the same code as in the individual files is there a way to stop WebStorm from showing the contents in search results and also very importantly that they don't show up in code completion/definition etc.

Sort of like this file is a part of the version control but otherwise completely ignore it.

Is there a way to do this?


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You need to exclude these generated file from indexing - this can be done by marking their containing directory as "Excluded"(Mark directory as/Excluded in folder right-click menu).

If you can't exclude the whole folder, you can add specific files to Exclude files: list in Settings | Directories.

Marking file as plain text (Mark as plain text in right-click menu) also excludes in from completion/navigation


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