Create a Run like UI with background task

I'm working on a plugin which outputs logs. I want these logs to be accessible from a text field something like Run/Debug has in the ToolWindow. Is there a way I can reuse that text field? So which class do I have to extend to modify the original Run/Debug log panel.

The other thing I want is this text box to be refreshed even if it is not visible, other plugins are opened in the ToolWindow etc. For this I have tried to run my program in a background thread (so it does not block the UI thread), and output the logs like this: 

I have started a new thread with IntelliJ API:

ApplicationManager.getApplication().executeOnPooledThread { dialogLogWriter.display() }

And called the method again, until the tab it is running in is closed: 

fun tailLogs() {
if (shouldRun) {
.runInReadActionWithWriteActionPriority({ tailLogs() },null)

The problem is when I switch tabs in the plugin it cancels the runInReadActionWithWriteActionPriority and does not resume. How to make sure it does not stop my background process.

Also is there a cleaner way (dedicated way in IntelliJ) to schedule the function call to 1 second instead of Thread.sleep()?

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