Debugging issue with Webpack


Let's start with what I have set up: This is a basic project which uses Typescript, then Webpack to transpile and run it as a server. Webstorm is used as the debugging tool (also to write my code in ofcourse!)

The problem is, I cannot seem to debug the .ts(main.ts) file that has been set up as the entry for Webpack.

The other class I import(someClass.ts) and reference I can debug without issue.


As an extra test I let Webpack transpile the code to my ./dist folder. I then debug the html via Webstorm.
Then I can debug the file used as Webpack entry.

here is my test project:

So I am a bit at a loss, did I miss something?


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Well, I managed to fix the issue.

I changed devtool: "source-map" to "inline-source-map".

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Thank you, Yannick, that was the one and only way to make Intellij hit the breakpoints in Angular! Though Angular CLI doesn't allow you to change webpack.config directly, so a little workaround was needed:

Hope it will help somebody who was also desperately searching for a solution for many hours.


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