How to make my own HighlightVisitor access javascript's PsiElement in HTML script tag?


Can you clarify a little bit what do you mean by access? If you want `visitJSClass`, `visitJSFunctionDeclaration` to be called, your HighlightingVisitor should extend JSElementVisitor or you'll get generic `visitElement`.

Also make sure that you're using IntelliJ Ultimate as an SDK, as Community edition doesn't support JavaScript parsing.


In development, If we still want to use Community edition sdk of Intellij, we could find the jar files in side the installation path of
IntelliJ Ultimate (In mac, maybe like: /Applications/IntelliJ\ IDEA\ 2018.1\ , copy those jar files into your project dir, add the jar files to your project. But note: Your `HighlightVisitor` will not work for Inteiilj Community edition.


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