Automatically/Default Run Config Selection?


I know this is a weird topic, and probably close to useless, but there is something bothering me more than it should.

I have a React project, which is run by using NPM. For that I have a "NPM Run" run config, and when I start PyCharm/Open the project, this run is always already selected in the run config selection box (see image)

However, in another project I have (a Django project) this doesn't happen. I have tried fiddling about with the run config stuff for a while but when I load this project (or open PyCharm with it previsouly opened) I have to manually select the one I want.



Can anyone explain how I managed to get it to load automatically the NPM run config but not the Django run config? I haven't done anything special in any of them.

I know there are probably more important issues to be handled for everyone, but this is has been bugging me for a while :p

PS: I'm on MacOS


This setting is stored in a project's /.idea/workspace.xml file, a <component name="RunManager" selected="Python.someName"> line

Try to backup & remove this file or adust the line manually.


I should have been smarter than I was and looked there :p

Thanks a lot @Dmitry Tronin


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