Forum Profile Edit is Failing (Email only pretends to change)

I noticed my email notifications for this forum were going to an obsolete address, so clicked into my profile to change it. 

On changing the email (first time), I was sent a validation email to the correct new address. I validated. Logged out. Logged back in and noticed the email setting was still my old address.

Changed it again. This time it appeared to change without a new verification. Yet on refreshing the old address returns.

Tried one more time and added a phone number hoping the additional data would trigger a proper save. The phone number was added, but the email reverted to the obsolete one.

I suspect this is simply a bug, but perhaps someone has more info?


Jeff, thank you for reporting, I was able to reproduce that and submitted the bug to our ZenDesk team.
The project is private, so I'll only be able to update you here on any progress.


Jeff, probably it will take more time than expected, so if changing the email is an urgent task for you, please send me the desired email to eugene.morozov at, I will ask the admin to change it. Thank you!


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