Enhancements of region/end region folding

This feature is very helpful because it means that one can divide the code into sections with only the headings showing.  The following features would make this work much better:

1) When the folded area is expanded the green colour background of the title should not disappear.  

2) One-button insertion of block comments - perhaps from a button in the gutter - would be helpful, so that one could easily switch a block of code in and out.  Without this, we have to expand the code, select it, put in the /* */ and then fold it again.


Please feel free to file requests for these features to youtrack, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA

I'm a bit unsure about the second one.. 'Toggle block comment' works on selection. How is this button supposed to work if nothing is selected?


To toggle the block comment the code needs to be selected.  This means either expanding the area, selecting it, selecting 'block comment' and then contracting it, or else selecting the heading and 'block commenting' that.  In the latter case the name of the region is obscured.

The point of the button is that it would be easy to toggle areas of code in and out and to see which ones are active and which ones aren't.  It would also still be possible to see the titles of each section, even if they are commented out.

Should I duplicate my comments to YouTrack?


Yes. But still I don't understand how the one-button insertion of block comments helps - still you need to expand the folding and select the code area you'd like to comment in/out.


>>still you need to expand the folding and select the code area you'd like to comment in/out.


The button would comment out the entire block which is between 'region Title' and 'region', but leave the title areas alone. 


I see. Please make it clear when submitting this feature request to youtrack


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