$GOPATH/go.mod exists but should not

Using Goland 2018.2 EAP

I'm going through the VGO tutorial located https://research.swtch.com/vgo-tour

Calling vgo with an empty go.mod file manually through the command line works perfectly

In Goland I get

$GOPATH/go.mod exists but should not with an empty file


cannot determine module root; please create a go.mod file there

When I delete the file

Bug or configuration error I don't understand ?


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Hi Stephane, 


Sorry to hear you have issues with the vgo integration.
There are a number of potential causes for this, but in order to better help you, I would need some further information from you.
Can you please provide the IDE logs? You can write to me at florin [at] jetbrains (com).
If not, can you please check that the IDE $GOPATH and vgo executable are both pointing to the same places as the CLI operations do?
I would also recommend not using $GOPATH as the root directory of a vgo project, as that's something that I never tested/I'm not sure how many people checked that scenario. If you wish to use vgo, you can either create the projects inside the $GOPATH as until now or you can create them arbitrarily on your disk (you still need a $GOPATH entry due to the way vgo works currently, this will change in a future version of vgo).

Thank you.



Kind regards,


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