Running build with WSL toolchain fails due to whitespace in path


"/mnt/d/OneDrive - University of Ottawa/Semester/2018 Summer/Operating Systems/cmake-build-debug/Operating_Systems"

env: ‘/mnt/d/OneDrive’: Permission denied

Process finished with exit code 126


much of the path is truncated due to the spacing between some words. is there a way for the path to be told to use \ before every space?


Hi! Could you please provide the screenshot of the error?


sure. here it is. happens on both my computers.

as you can see here everything after OneDrive is truncated for some reason and I think it is due to the whitespace

building works fine, but running crashes as above


Thanks! Could you please try CLion 2018.2 EAP? You don't need to uninstall the stable version in order to test the EAP build - they can be installed side-by-side. Is the issue still actual in the EAP build?


should have specified earlier. I'm already on 2018.2 EAP on both my laptop and my desktop. My laptop is on the latest stable build of Windows and my desktop on the latest Insider Preview (if that makes any difference).


should I open a ticket on youtrack?


Thanks for creating! I've asked the responsible developer to take a look at the problem.


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