Groovy (Jenkinsfile) and GoLand

I have Go project which is a part of Jenkins pipeline. Is there a way to edit Groovy file in GoLand IDE? I didn't find ever Groovy plugins for latest GoLand or Groovy support in "Languages and Frameworks" list.

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Hi Aleksandr,


Groovy support is not included in GoLand.
If you need to use Groovy, please have a look at IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, which also includes the same support for Go.


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Can you explain why this isn't available for the other JetBrains IDEs?

As a Go developer, I don't want to be using IDEA. I'd much prefer to use the IDE that you designed specifically for Go development.


Hello Florin,

I also have a go app that has a groovy file used by Jenkins for deployment. Can we please have access to the groovy plugin in GoLand?




Hello Florian and guys,

Same for me, I'm developing in Go and the IDE is perfect for it, but my CICD server is Jenkins and our pipelines is written in Jenkinsfiles(groovy), could you please provide support for the plugin groovy or at least for jenkinsfiles?, it will be great.


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Jose Ramón Mañes 



Hi all.

At the moment, basic syntax highlighting for Jenkinsfile is available using the builtin TextMate bundled plugin.
However, fully supporting Groovy in GoLand means we'd need to support Java. That means we'd effectively have a clone of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.
As such, it's better to switch to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, if editing the Jenkinsfile is a must for you.


Do I have to purchase separate license for the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate? 


Do I have to purchase separate license for the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate? 


Hi Rajesh Goel, you can contact our sales team for further assistance:


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