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I had Pycharm 2016.3, recently upgraded to 2018.3
I'm used to holding Ctrl key (Or am too late to release it after I do copy/paste). Since we have to write a lot of "." in python, it keeps closing the current code block, and jumps to the top of it. I've searched in the settings for a key bind and found it under "Editor Actions" named as "Choose Lookup Item And Insert Dot" - I have no idea what this means, but disabling it didn't work. Could anyone point me to where can I disable this ? (Or some workaround?)

Also, a huge new annoying "feature" ? - when I delete everything from the search bar (at the top of the current file I'm editing) When I delete the value in it (Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + X/backspace) The marker jumps to some random place on the page and the whole file scrolls to it - How can I disable this?

Edit: I'm on windows 10, did not have these problems with 2016.3

Thank you


Hi Tadas, Ctrl+. is used for Keymap | Main menu | Code | Folding | Fold Selection / Remove region. You need to remove shortcut for this action.

The marker jumps to some random place on the page

Can't reproduce this behavior, could you please update to 2018.1.4?


Thank you very much, helped me for the Ctrl + . issue, I somehow missed it in the maps ..

I should've been more clear on the second issue - It happens only if I navigate to a function via "Ctrl + B" (Navigate to where it's defined):
E.x. - I'm in a file A, I press Ctrl + B on some function, it takes me to file B, now if I search for something new, scroll the file, and the delete the new search - it still takes me to what I've searched in the old file with Ctrl + B. I hope I've made a clear enough description. What I'd like to do is disable this completely (deleting search never takes me anywhere)

Edit: I've also upgraded to 2018.1.4

Thanks again


Got it, thank you for the detailed steps. This seems to be a known issue: IDEA-191340, unfortunately, it's impossible to disable this behavior. Please vote for the ticket to prioritize the fix.


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