How do you show class argument hierarchy?


I want to pull up the Show Usage for a class argument (parameter) that is passed into a base class.  Is it possible to do this?


(in case I'm not describing this properly)

 Say I have the following classes

class Foo:
def __init__(self, var):
self.var = var

class Bar(Foo):
def __init__(self, var):
super(Bar, self).__init__(var)

If I put my cursor on var in Foo's __init__ and do a find usage I see this

Notice, it does not find the usage of var in Bar.

However, if I attempt to rename the var in Foo there is an option to rename the parameter in hierarchy.

Notice that it finds the usage in the hierarchy.

My question is: How can I do a 'Find Usage' in this same manner without trying to rename the parameter?

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Hi Marcel, there's no such action as hierarchy search, unfortunately. Please feel free to create a feature request in our bug tracker:


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