Using Webstorm on a Mac, how can you set the Zoom?

I've recently started at a new place where the standard issue is a mac. We have the option of selecting our own IDE, and I went initially with Webstorm.

However I am not able to see the full Settings Menu. On going to File > Default Settings, the options are a completely cut down version of the options on webstorm running on my windows machine. So very few of the options are visible, key ones such as changing theme, setting scroll are missing

Is there an Issue with Webstorm on a Mac, and does it not properly support settings? If that is the case then it kind of makes it not very useful on a Mac.




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File > Default Settings (on both Mac OSX and Windows) are _default_ project preferences - a template for new projects: options you set there are applied to all newly created projects.The set of options available there is reduced as compared to actual project settings.

To access project settings on Mac OSX, you need choosing Preferences from WebStorm main menu or hit Cmd+, shortcut. See


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