Missing feature in PyCharm for SRE


I understand PyCharm is primary tarting for Python Developers, but python is also very popular language in SRE area, and a lot of us (SRE) use PyCharm. I like to provide some feedback from SRE point of view. 

  • Groovy support

Currently the JetGroovy only support IntelliJ IDEA, not PyCharm. Jenkins is popular in CI/CD. Groovy is used a lot for people works with Jenkins. My current workflow is: work on project code (Python) then switch to a different IDE that has Groovy support, then switch back to PyCharm (VCS) to complete it. Extend JetGroovy to PyCharm would be great.

  • GoLang support

Sometime I have to use GoLang. From Jet Brains web plugin page, there's GoLang Plugin says "Compatible with: PyCharm" however, it do not work with current PyCharm. I don't want to buy GogLand, I work 98% with Python code, however basic GoLang support in PyCharm (at least PyCharm Professional) would be great. 

  • AWS Cloud Support (Lambda)

More company moving into Cloud. PyCharm has built-in support for Good App Engine (for developer). It would be great if PyCharm has AWS Lambda support for SRE (even better if support Lambda with API GateWay together)




Hi Rui!

Did you consider switching to IDEA with Python plugin?

There are no plans to include Groovy support in PyCharm, unfortunately. Corresponding comment: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-20886#focus=streamItem-27-2376352-0-0 Please feel free to comment on this ticket.

GoLang plugin development was halted so I'm afraid Go support in PyCharm is unlikely as well.

AWS Lambda support is indeed a valid feature request, please vote for the corresponding ticket PY-20226.


Do IDEA with python plugin cover 100% of the features offered by PyCharm?

I am currently using PyCharm Professional


Yeap, it does. There're some minor UI differences (e.g. interpreter selection), but all PyCharm functionality should be in place.


I just checked JetBrian website, IDEA is $499/year vs PyCharm only $199/year. 
I will check with our company. (it's $300 person/year)


Please feel free to contact our sales at sales@jetbrains.com mentioning your concern about migrating from PyCharm to IDEA. They will be glad to help.


I will download the trial and give a try first. Thanks for all the help


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