CLion plugin


I would create a CLion plugin for an embeded system.

I see in other projects the use of classes as CMakeProjectWizard, CMakeWorkspace, etc imported by a package 


but this package seems to be missing in the intellij plugin sdk, also if the clion FQA refers this project for build a clion plugin.

So, how I can include these classes in my plugin ?



If you are using DevKit plugin, you need to create an IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK ( and point it to CLion's installation.

If you're using Gradle, it's a little bit more complicated. For example see


  Thanks for the answer

If I well understood, in the rust plugin, they download the clion  2018.1.1 and the added to the project the clion.jar library.

For now, in order to be easy, I simply set in my gradle file to use the clion.jar file used by my clion installation. I think should be the same.

But there is the possibility to have the source or a few  documentations ? 

For example how I can use the class workspace.CMakeWorkspace or the other classes usefull to develop a clion plugin ?

I have to understand how they works decompiling it or there are somewhere some documentations ?



Paolo, there is no public API for CLion atm, and the sources are closed.

Feel free to ask specific questions directly here.


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