x11 Forwarding while debugging


I want to use x11 forwarding for debugging when using a remote interpreter. The problem arises when I want to plot an image with matplotlib. Even though the code gets executed without an error, no image is displayed. 

<matplotlib.image.AxesImage at 0x7feefe256cf8>


I have been using a workaround by making an external ssh connection and setting the DISPLAY variable in pycharm manually. But it has stopped working since a recent update. 


Hi Udaranga, could you please specify PyCharm version you are using? Do you have Settings | Tools | Python Scientific | Show plots in tool window option enabled?


Hi Pavel,
Pycharm version is 2017.3.3 and I had Show plots in tool window option enabled. Once I disabled it, the old workaround started working. When the interpreter is local plots get displayed in the tool window. But when I'm using the remote interpreter, it doesn't work. 


Could you please try 2018.1 version? x11 forwarding was fixed with PY-27511.


I downloaded the 2018.1.4 and tried the solution you have suggested. Now it gives the error 
"RuntimeError: Invalid DISPLAY variable" when I execute plt.imshow(x) in the debugging window, 

I have set the value of DISPLAY variable to 'localhost:10.0' as suggested in the answer. 


The suggestion with DISPLAY from PY-27511 is for Python console only, if you run the script you have to edit the corresponding Run Configuration by adding DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 to it.

Meanwhile, it should really work without manual configuration, could you please specify your host OS?


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