No way proxyjump to remote python interpreter



My flow:
Laptop --> Remote login node --> Work nodes

I first ssh onto a remote login node, then ssh from the login node onto a work node.

Alternatively, I can ssh directly to the work node using a proxy jump, but for this I either require access to ssh command line options or an ssh config file.

As far as I can tell neither configuration option is available, so I'm unable to use the remote python interpreter.

In turn I cannot debug my remote code at all. And I can't debug locally because it uses a cluster of GPUs which I obviously don't have at home.

Does anyone have a clue how set up the python interpreter in Pycharm via ssh with proxy jump?


This is a critical part of my workflow as well; other parts of pycharm respect proxy jump in ssh_config, so I hope that this can as well.


To OP,

a (surely short-term, temporary) workaround that I have been using is to set up a localforward to the remote host from terminal and then point my remote interpreter in pycharm to localhost

ssh -fN <remote-host> -L 12345:localhost:<remote-host-ssh-port>

then in pycharm, remote interpreter host is localhost, port is 12345


Thanks for the hint on using the workaround, Adam. Unfortunately PyCharm has a bug when I press the "Finish" button in the "Add Python Interpreter" window:

> Error

> userName must not be null


I don't know why "Finish" doesn't work, because the Interpreter selection works by walking through the remote host's directories in the dialogue. I am using a password, because PyCharm has another bug, if I choose a "Private key file", saying:

> Failed to load identity file

Is PyCharm unable to use `ed25519` keys?


> Is PyCharm unable to use `ed25519` keys?

Unfortunately, yes: PY-28421.


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