Arrow keys not in python console's "show variables" window. Neither I am able to "Jump to source".


I am using Pycharm 2017.3.3 Professional edition.

These days I am facing a starnge issue in the software. While working in the "pyhton console" of the IDE, I am facing following 2 problems :

1 - In the "show variables" window, I am not able to navigate across the variables using left, right, up or down arrow keys.

2 - In the "show variables" window, I am not able to "Jump to source" of any variable, neither by presing F4 nor by clikcing on "Jump to source" option which comes in the pop menu when one right clicks on a variable.


I have tried reinstalling the software but it does not resolve the issue. I checked for the same issue on Intellij-Idea, but there everything seems to be working fine.


Would deeply appreciate any help or assistance on this.

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Hi! Yes, it's a bug in PyCharm's Python Console. Feel free to follow the issue in our issue tracker:

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