[2018.2] How to add bundled library


Unless I'm missing something, this behavior seems to have changed for the worse.

For a new project or module I want to add classes from a library of which I know it comes bundled in IDEA Community.

For example, @Nullable (annotations-java8.jar) or @GuardedBy (jcip-annotations-1.0.jar).

When I Alt+Enter on one of those instances in the code, and choose "Add '<library>' to classpath", I used to be presented with a dialog with two options, but now I go straight to the download dialog (which wasn't even one of the two options). The only workaround I know of is a pain in the ass, and involves hand-editing the project .iml files, copying the orderEntry sections from another project known to have the library. How can I add the bundled library to my project using just IDEA?


The options to add JARs from IDEA distribution were removed intentionally, see IDEA-192234 for details.


> I go straight to the download dialog

What's problems with that? Why not press 'OK' and let it download the library from Maven repository and attach it to your project? Note that if you already used that library in some other projects on your machine, the library will be already in your local Maven repository and it won't download anything.


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