Hide useless containers in the database tree?


Right now, I have separate connections for 30 or so databases and drilling down to the objects I want to work with is very painful.  A very simple Postgres connection looks like:


Connection Name -> "databases" -> <db name> -> "schemas" -> <schema name> -> "tables, routines, sequences" -> <object name>


Is there anyway I can tell DataGrip to just show me the <schema name> under the connection, instead of all of these other levels I won't ever deal with?  In the end, I'd like the tree to be structured like this:


Connection Name -> <schema name(s)> -> "tables, routines, sequences" -> <object name>


This would save a lot of time while drilling down to a specific item when you first connect.


An example might look like:

MYDB -> public -> tables -> <x>

MYDB -> public -> sequences -> <x>

MYDB -> other_schema -> tables -> <x>


You can configure your database tree using "Show Options Menu":

Include/Exclude curtain database objects by Filter menu:

Finally, one can filter using "Object filter" via regular expressions: 


That's great, thank you Vasily!


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