SFTP doesn't follow symlinks

Under the Deployment window in PyCharm, I added an SFTP connection to a remote Linux server.

It mounts correctly and I'm able to navigate my remote files.

However, I can't navigate down any symlinks.

Is there a setting I can change to correct this?

I use other SFTP tools with the same remote server and I can navigate down the symlinks.

One tool (sshfs) has an explicit option to tell it to follow symlinks, so wondering if I just need to find it in PyCharm or if it's a bug.


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Hi @Elena, I've gone through the issues you mentioned.

These three issues are about difficulties with syncing (or upload/download) remote directories with local directories:






I'm not asking to be able to sync with symbolically linked files/directories. I'm simply asking to be able navigate these symbolic files use the Remote Host window.

The ability to see and expand symbolically linked directories is a basic functionality that every FTP tool I've ever used has had. From the PyCharm development team's perspective, as far as I know, it should be a trivial case of add a switch somewhere to follow symbolic links.

I would would urge the PyCharm team to make this a higher priority if it is indeed not supported. I suspect it would not be a difficult fix.


As for the other two issues you pointed out..

This issue appears to be a very corner case bug that would likely be resolved by resolving my issue:



And lastly this one is just a duplicate of my issue that has not been answered:



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I strongly support this request. Being able to browse the TYPO3 installation, that is almost always a symlink, is very important.


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