Issue Building Intellij Community Edition 2017.1 from CLI

I've been having issues trying to use Ant to build Intellij Community Edition 2017.1. After downloading from the link, and executing "sh", the build fails when it says it's missing "android-plugin, smali". From what I can tell those should come with the android repo the getPlugins script pulls down. Is there somewhere I need to copy the android folder over to?


You need to make sure that all the repositories use branches with the same name, if 'intellij-community' is on '171' branch, then 'android' and 'android/tools-base' are also need to be on '171' branch. If you switch branches via Branch widget in IntelliJ IDEA it should change branch in all 3 repositories synchronously.


How can I account for a proxy on 171? I know at least with 173 I can edit build/dependencies/gradlew with DEFAULT_JAVA_OPTS, but I've had a hard time working out what I need to edit in 171. I noticed there's a 173 branch for intellij-community and android, but not for adt-tools-base. Unless 171.4163 adt-tools-base will work with 173 android and intellij-community I'm not sure how I'll account for the proxy.


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