Window layout for one project not being saved

I'm using version 2016.3.2 (yes, I know it's older, but company policy.) I have a number of projects set up, and most of them remember my tool window positions when I shut down and restart. But one project absolutely refuses. I open the project, set Favorites and Structure to display as docked and split, and when I shut down and come back in the next time, that project opens with the Project tool window taking up the entire left pane. 

I've seen the answer at, and I've compared the workspace.xml files of the project that's not working with one that is, but can't find anything different. I would have thought the panes would be controlled by the 

<component name="ToolWindowManager">

element, but it seems to be identical in both projects. What am I doing wrong? I know this is a minor thing, but it's annoying.

Here's what it currently looks like on opening this project:

Here's what it *should* look like:

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Vladimir Luchansky


It's worth to try to close the project, move the .idea folder out of it, open the project, configure the layout and reopen it/restart PhpStorm - will the layout stay the same or not?


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