Suggestion: `.idea` project settings file.

First, I couldn't find a suggestions area, so I'm assuming I post here. Second, I'm aware of

It would be nice to have a project root level `.ideaConfig` file similar to `.editorconfig` that's a simple YAML or JSON file of settings for Webstorm.

Is this already a feature? If so, could you point me to a link? If not, is this the right place to make the recommendation?



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Right... I meant to write `.ideaConfig` (I edited the original post).

I'm aware of the xml config files. They're just a hassle to deal with. For example, we wanted to have our team standardized on `Align from clauses` set to true for TypeScript, but there's a bunch of other settings we don't care about that developers are free to set to whatever they want. As it currently exists, Webstorm requires us to (1) use the UI to find that setting because it's buried in some XML file that we can't find and (2) commit all our developers to an exact set of configurations even though we only care about a few of the settings.

It would be a lot easier if each of the settings could be set in `.ideaConfig` and those settings would override whatever is in the XML files. This would also make it very explicit as to what exact settings are part of the team standard versus all the other settings we don't care about but happen to be set by someone and committed to `.idea`.

It would also be a less intrusive way for us to share settings for open source projects where we do not want to commit the community to using Webstorm. We'd be saying, "hey, if you want to use webstorm, here's a .ideaConfig file of settings we care about... otherwise do whatever you want" -- but as it stands, we have to commit `.idea` to the repo, which we don't want to do because it implies a greater endorsement than we desire to give. Our endorsement is only "hey, we love Webstorm, so if you do too, here's the settings we use" -- not "hey, we use webstorm, and so should you". 

Is this the correct forum to be suggesting this or is there a better place? Thanks Elena!

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Sorry, but we'll unlikely add one more layer of preferences, in different format,etc - this would make things even more complicated and have negative impact on performance. Anyway, please feel free to file feature request to youtrack,

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Thanks, will do.


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