Project-wide Preprocessor Macro Definitions


Is there a way to define project-wide preprocessor macros in AppCode?

I'd hate it if I had to #define DEBUG in each and every file of my project files while testing.

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I'd recommend to do that in Xcode since AppCode build settings editor doesn't have such ability at the moment. You can setup Preprocessor macros (GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS) via Build Settings for project / target:

Hi, Tatiana!

> AppCode build settings editor doesn't have such ability at the moment. 

I see I can edit the same settings in AppCode

Aren't they the same settings as in XCode?

Tatiana Shabaeva

Hi Mikhail.

Thanks for correction and apologies for confusion - we do have the setting in AppCode and you can modify it there (it corresponds to the same Xcode setting), though build settings editor in AppCode is limited and I still recommend to use Xcode for that purpose (cause you might not be able to see some settings, like $(inherited) until you move focus into the field).


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