Upload to server feature doesn't always work.

The "Upload to..." feature doesn't always work.  Occasionally I'll go to upload a file to my deployment server and the process fails with the explanation that the remote version of the file represents a folder - it is not a folder.  Additionally, if I attempt to upload the file a few additional times it will eventually go through.  In the screenshot below you can see multiple attempts to upload "index.php" where it finally succeeds in the end.  

This behavior is inconsistent as it doesn't always happen and it doesn't seem like it's always the same files.  I've experienced this behavior both when manually triggering the upload and when "Upload on explicit save action" is set.

Has anyone, or does anyone else experience this as well?  Any suggestions on how to figure out what the cause is?

Many Thanks,


Vladimir Luchansky


Probably there is an explicit mapping for it in File - Settings - Build, Execution, Deployment - Deployment - Mappings?


I could have sworn I responded days ago, I suppose I never hit "Submit".  Sorry.


No, I just checked.  I only have two mappings; one for the project root (/) and one for the web root (/public).  I have the same two mappings (respective locations though) for multiple projects yet I experience this behavior for multiple files in multiple projects.  And there is seemingly no pattern as to which files trigger the behavior.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.


We need to take a look at your config and at the logs.
Please enable extended deployment logging, restart PhpStorm, try to upload again so the issue appears and upload the IDE log somewhere (unfortunately you can't attach a file here).
Additionally, please share output of Help | Settings Summary | Deployment.


Maybe I should open a support ticket with Jetbrains for this.  I'm not allowed to freely post some of the information contained in these (silly I know).  Thank you very much for you help.  If/when I figure this out I'll be sure to post the resolution here so others can benefit from it.



When using an older version of the bundled JDK (8u76b218), the issue seems to be resolved. 

Download JDK (windows x64):

Switch the JDK used by PHPStorm:

However, as the links state, it's suggested to use the most recent version unless instructed by JetBrains.  


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