CLion Remote Debugging Configuring remote GDB debug on macOS local host


I'm new to CLion (though I've used pyCharm for some time now).

I have CLion 2017.3 installed on my MacBook Pro and I'm would like to use the GDB remote debugging option to develop code on a remote Ubuntu Server. I use this same setup with pyCharm to develop in python and it works like a charm (pun intended).

I was following the "Configuring remote GDB debug on macOS local host" instructions, but I'm getting the following error when compiling GDB on my Mac:

       checking for python... /opt/local/bin/python

       checking for python2.7... no

       configure: error: python is missing or unusable

However /opt/local/bin/python exists, and is symlinked to python2.7, and I can invoke that interpreter just fine...

Any ideas of how to interpret the error and where to look for a solution?

Many thanks.

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Sorry for the late response. While I can tell for sure what is the cause of the error in question, I'd like to let you know that as of the latest EAP you can you the bundled GDB multiarch for remote cross-debugging Linux targets as well as many embedded CPU architectures.


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