.rakeTasks files being generated after upgrade

I just upgraded to 2017.3.2 and now when I launch in to my project I get a whole bunch (43) gems/xxxxxx/.rakeTasks files auto generated.  This was not happening before and I don't use Rubymine for gem management.  But now it is.  The contents of one of the files is attached below.  Basically I'm trying to figure out how to disable this gem tracking.  I get corresponding messages in the Event Log that say RubyMine Gem Manager: Rubymine has detected that some of the gems required are not installed.

Ok, but I don't want to use Gem Manager.  Can't figure out how to disable/turn off/through out.

Any suggestions?


Begin include >>>>>>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>^M
<Settings><!--This file was automatically generated by Ruby plugin.
You are allowed to:
1. Remove rake task
2. Add existing rake tasks
To add existing rake tasks automatically delete this file and reload the project.
--><RakeGroup description="" fullCmd="" taksId="rake"><RakeTask description="Build two_way_encryption-0.0.2.gem into the pkg directory" fullCmd="build" taksId="build" /><RakeTask description="Remove any temporary products" fullCmd="clean" taksId="clean" /><RakeTask description="Remove any generated files" fullCmd="clobber" taksId="clobber" /><RakeTask description="Build and install two_way_encryption-0.0.2.gem into system gems" fullCmd="install" taksId="install" /><RakeGroup description="" fullCmd="" taksId="install"><RakeTask description="Build and install two_way_encryption-0.0.2.gem into system gems without network access" fullCmd="install:local" taksId="local" /></RakeGroup><RakeTask description="Create tag v0.0.2 and build and push two_way_encryption-0.0.2.gem to rubygems.org" fullCmd="release[remote]" taksId="release[remote]" /><RakeTask description="" fullCmd="release" taksId="release" /><RakeGroup description="" fullCmd="" taksId="release"><RakeTask description="" fullCmd="release:guard_clean" taksId="guard_clean" /><RakeTask description="" fullCmd="release:rubygem_push" taksId="rubygem_push" /><RakeTask description="" fullCmd="release:source_control_push" taksId="source_control_push" /></RakeGroup></RakeGroup></Settings>^M


Hello Dan,

.rakeTasks files are stored in .idea folder. Could you please specify whether you noticed multiple .idea folders' creation?


I only have one .idea folder and one .rakeTasks file in it.


Hello Dan,

could you please specify whether this file causes any problems or affect performance/usability. 


Hey Olga,

We simply just want to disable the gem manager so that the program would stop generating these .rakeTasks files. The files themselves are not the problem...


@Tanakrit S,

it's possible to disable several inspections related to gems but not the gem manager completely. In case those .rakeTasks files cause problems or you'd like another way for their creation then could you please share your thoughts on our tracker (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/RUBY) so we can think what might be done in this situation.


I am having the same issue. Very frustrating. 


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