JBIntSpinner display corruption using JetBrains default L&F

Has anyone else seen this? If I create a screen (e.g. a configuration screen) that has a column of UI elements including several JBIntSpinners, it looks fine on Mac but on Windows it experiences display corruption when I drag the mouse across the spinner elements.

This only happens with the default IntellIJ look and feel (Windows and Darcula look fine).

I can work on a reproducible test case, but it's a bit challenging because I can only reproduce this when the UI is implemented inside of IntelliJ. 

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I have a test case for this. It shows the problem on IJ 2017.3.5 but not on IJ 2018.1 so I assume there was a fix, whether intentional or not.

How should I file the issue? And are there plans to release 2017.3.6?  (We can't move our plugin to 2018 right now but our users would really like this fixed.)


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