Cannot Obtain ticket from [licence server endpoint] due to connectivity problem



I am facing an issue while I want to register with my company`s licence server. Yesterday I was installing Ubuntu, after that, I was just installing IntelliJ Idea Ultimate edition and When I was trying to register I receive the following message: [Cannot Obtain ticket from [licence server endpoint] due to connectivity problem]

Please tell me what to do. Thank you!

I`m waiting with so much interest your response!!



Is it possible to open your license server via web browser? Also please share idea.log ( after reproducing the issue.



Helo Yaroslav,

No, the liceence cannot be opened via browser. I will send you logs on Monday, when o get back tot work.



It lookls like some network issue. Do you use firewall/proxy? Is it possible to open license server in browser from other machines?


As far as I know, on Ubuntu 18.04 which is on my machine, I don’t have any proxy or firewall.


I will ask for my colleagues to try to open licence server in their browsers on windows 10.


Well Yaroslav,

I`ve just asked my colleagues to put the licence in the browser and seems like they are redirected to [ .] 

On my machine I`m receiving this:


This site can’t be reached

licence server endpoint’s server IP address could not be found.


  • Search Google for [licence server endpoit]

And i do not have any proxy and firewals active! I`ve just checked!



Looks like some network name resolution issue. Is it possible to provide idea.log after reproducing? Is it possible to ping your license server?



Helo, thank you For your patience. Problem solved!!


I am facing an issue today that given URL Connection Problem....Cant access the ultimate edition. It was working well and good till yesterday....only today it started to given Major Connection Issues . I have even connected to VPN connections before accessing Intellij Ultimate but still I receive the following message: [Cannot Obtain ticket from [licence server end point URL] due to connectivity problem]. My internet speed is fast and stable.Please help as soon as possible


S Aneesh Bhat Is there a firewall or proxy server in your network?

Is it possible to open the license server in the browser on your machine and other machines in your network?

Are you able to ping the license server from your machine?


Hi, Arina Efremova
I'm having the same issue with my Rider's license server activation:

  • Cannot obtain ticket from [license URL] due to connectivity problem: Read timed out

I have the same result as Rus Silviu when trying to open it on my web browser.
I can ping and traceroute the license server without issues though.

I'm on macOS, I have no proxy, firewall is disabled and I DNS settings are default.
I am really getting desperate on this, running out of ideas. Thanks in advance for you help.


Fabien Cheftel Things you can try:

  • Flush the DNS cache on you OS
  • Check the system hosts file for any mentions of the license server domain name or IP and adjust your network settings accordingly (either remove the entries from the file altogether or change the server's domain name to match what's on the list).
  • Use a different Internet connection

None of these worked unfortunately...
But it happened to be a VPN issue on my side. It is now fixed.
Thank you for your prompt response!


just updated to 2023.2 and now i get Cannot obtain ticket from <LicenseServer>: The floating ticket does not match this machine. Verified that older installs still connect and work.


Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please let us know URL of the server and what product is being used? 

If you can attach IDE logs, it would be great
Please also check server's version by accessing server's URL + /check-version 

If you get 404 - server is out of date and should be upgraded to work with newer IDEs.

Found this in the idea.log

2023-07-27 08:49:18,200 [  41125]   INFO - #ServerLicenseSource - idea: Cannot obtain ticket from HTTP://licenseserver/: The floating ticket does not match this machine (com.intellij.ide.E.R.EC)
2023-07-27 08:49:19,114 [  42039]   INFO - #ServerLicenseSource - idea: Cannot obtain ticket from HTTP://licenseserver/: The floating ticket does not match this machine (com.intellij.ide.E.R.EC)

The issue comes from an outdated License Server. 

Please ask your administrators to update it. Here are related links: 

Related docs:

If having an on-prem version is not mandatory - they can look into License Vault 
It's a successor to the License Server. Currently it's cloud only

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