PhpStorm Git Push to Remote not prompting for Key or Passphrase

According to the Git Integration when connecting to a remote repo via SSH PhpStorm should prompt for key and passphrase as mentioned below.


"If authentication requires an SSH key with a passphrase, Git looks for it in the credential helper, and, if no credential helper is found, it returns a prompt to the IDE. If you have configured a password policy, PhpStorm looks for credentials in the passwords database. If there is no passwords database, it displays a prompt and you have to enter SSH key and a passphrase."

I am not being prompted for neither key nor passphrase. Instead I am displayed this message: "Push failed: Failed with error: Could not read from remote repository."

Please help, I have been researching about this all day. Some posts suggest that PhpStorm does not support keys with passphrase, but the official doc from JetBrains says it does.


File | Settings | Version Control | Git - change Git executable to Native


Thanks for the tip, but that didn't work. I get "Failed with error: Could not read from remote repository."


In fact, the Native executable does not support passphrases indeed:
But the built-in one does. What it didn't do until recently is asking for a passphrase in case the remembered one is wrong:

Please try the latest EAP, would it ask you with the built-in SSH executable?


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