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I am working with a remote system. I can synchronize my code files with SFTP no problem, to a first server. I would like to execute the code on a second server in the remote system (which shares a file system with the first server). To reach the second server via SSH I have to SSH into the first server and then SSH into the second server from there. That I can do from the integrated terminal in PyCharm (and of course from various other terminals). I could start my code from the terminal but I would like to use PyCharm's remote interpreter facilities - the settings for these in PyCharm seem to expect (perhaps not unsurprisingly) that one can SSH directly into the machine with the remote interpreter. Any ideas how it can be done in my case? 

(Once I have that done, I would of course like to go on to use debugging remotely.)

Many thanks


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Hi J Legg 17! Unfortunately, there's no straightforward way to do it (please feel free to create a feature request), but you can add multiple SSH interpreters in PyCharm and create multiple run configurations each one with a different interpreter. The project can have only one interpreter enabled at a time but it can have multiple run configurations with non-project interpreters. Hope I understood your request correctly.


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