Currently our documentation is poor indeed. We're working on it, but we cannot write documentation about everything at once. So if you say which topics you're interested in aren't covered, we'll be able to describe them first. When someone says that the whole documentation is useless it isn't very useful for us.


the whole documentation is very poor and it's pretty frustrating


Hello Nikolay, thank you for your answer.

Well it starts with fundamental things: What are components?

What are they used for? 

"Components are the fundamental concept of plugin integration. There are three kinds of components:"


Why would I need a Component?  

I currently finished on building the domain / data layer of my Plugin I'm working on, so I'll be spending now some time with the plugin development. I'll maintain a list of notes of unclear things and I'd gladly send this over to you. Thank you a lot for your effort


Components are classes which are loaded and initialized by the platform. They may be used to perform some tasks during initialization of IDE/project/module (e.g. subscribe to some events) and to store related data.


and demo code is no help too


like run conf demo code

it can't save, and can't edit, can't click any field or button


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